Summer Newsletter 2012


New inpatient units embody the spirit of recovery 

Natural light and pleasant furnishings make it easier for patients to get settled, allowing them to more quickly focus on the treatment process.After months of touting the many benefits of the new inpatient wing, Rogers patients, families and staff are no longer talking about them – they are living them. During the first week of May, the former inpatient units built in the 1950’s were left behind, and patients received the first glimpse of the new vision in behavioral health care.

Perhaps the most noted difference between the old and new inpatient units is the space. The new inpatient wing now features three distinct floors: Adult Inpatient unit (22 beds), Eating Disorders unit (14 beds) and Child and Adolescent unit (22 beds). Centrally located nursing stations allow greater visibility throughout the unit and motion sensors alert staff when patients are up, enhancing patient safety. Each unit features private bedrooms and bathrooms, and a large day room for relaxing.

It’s also important to note that each unit contains separate rooms designated for the treatment process. It includes a group therapy room, patient consultation rooms, and a medical exam room. Staff members have commented that separate rooms for therapy make the treatment process feel more “official.” This feeling also holds true for patients who have reported that when they enter these areas, they know it’s time to work on their recovery.

Ample space offers patients peace of mind. “Even though the units are secure, they don’t feel restrictive,” says Jessica Witt, Clinical Services Manager of the Acute Adolescent Unit. “The inpatient units were designed with secure pathways to the gymnasium and other experiential therapy rooms. This allows patients to be able to move outside of their immediate surroundings, creating an open environment that promotes feelings of contentment.”

Overwhelmingly, patients and staff alike are embracing the benefits of the new space. “The move has been very positive,” explains Witt, “It’s great to be in an environment that allows the recovery process to shine through.”


Child & Adolescent Centers nearly complete

The new building to house the child and adolescent residential services is scheduled to be completed this fall.

Doubling the size of its current space, the facility  has been specifically designed with childen and families in mind. Filled with natural light and comfortable furnishings, it will help ease anxiety upon arrival, allowing a smooth transition to the treatment process.


Experiential therapies on the rise at Rogers

The building for Experiential Therapy is attached to the new inpatient wing which allows patients the opportunity to move safely from one area to the other.As a part of the construction process, a new building for Experiential Therapy has been built adjacent to the inpatient unit. It features a secure pathway which allows patients access to the gymnasium - complete with high and low climbing elements, fitness room, art therapy studio, recreation room and relaxation room. While some behavioral health care facilities nationwide are reducing experiential therapy programs, Rogers views this area as a vital component to patient care. In fact, experiential therapy accounts for nearly 35% of all programming at the hospital and has approximately 37 therapists on staff.

Experiential therapy features “learning by doing,” which can be a powerful tool for personal growth and recovery. This new building brings with it greater accessibility to and expansion of these lifesaving therapies, further enhancing the patient experience and treatment process at Rogers.


Grant recipient “exponentially blessed” 

Dear Mr. Schueth, the Board of Directors, & RMH Board,

I want to take the opportunity to express my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to your organization for giving me the scholarship of an additional two weeks of treatment here at Rogers. I could never have imagined that I would encounter such a generous offer, and I feel exponentially blessed to have been at a facility as concerned, efficient, proactive and as generous as Rogers.

My treatment experience here has truly been life-changing. I had never been as successful in a program as I have here, nor have I been surrounded by such love and compassion as I have found here. My therapist, Melissa Walden, has been a true angel to me. She has not only been my best advocate, but she has also inspired in me a new confidence in myself, which I believe will be key in my recovery. The staff here has helped set me on the right path to a better life. I extend all the thanks in the world to them and you all at Rogers Memorial Hospital.

Sincerely, Kate L.


Helen Bader Foundation awards grant for child and adolescent residential treatment

Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation has received a two-year, $100,000 grant from the Helen Bader Foundation. The grant will be used to help families of eligible child and adolescent patients with limited insurance coverage and financial resources to receive additional days of treatment at Rogers.

“The grant from the Helen Bader Foundation is truly a lifesaving gift,” explains Matthias Schueth, Executive Vice-President of the Foundation. “The funding from this grant will give young patients at Rogers the opportunity to receive the treatment they need to ensure a lifetime of recovery.”

When considering the importance of treating mental illness in children, studies show that half of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14 and three-quarters begin by age 24. If left untreated, mental illness can affect the individual throughout their lifetime, allowing a greater chance of developing co-occurring mental illnesses later in life.


8th Annual Women’s Gathering inspires tears and laughter 

A sell-out crowd of more than 375 women laughed and cried at the Wisconsin Club on May 22nd while listening to and sharing stories of “Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups” in our lives. This year’s Women’s Gathering was a huge success thanks to our inspirational and educational speakers, creative raffle items, delicious lunch, and a record $21,000 in proceeds to support the Spiritual Care program at Rogers! View the Photo Gallery

Mark your calendar:
9th Annual Women’s Gathering
Tuesday, May 21st, 2013
Wisconsin Club


Foundation prepares for 2012 Celebrate the Light Gala 

Join us for a night filled with spirited fun, sumptuous dining, touching inspiration and worthy recognition as we raise awareness and funds for the patients and programs at Rogers. Last year, this event provided more than 250 days of free treatment through the Foundation’s Patient Care Grant program. More information coming soon! 

November 10, 2012
The Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee
Tickets are $250